Welcome to Casa Familia!

Casa Familia is a home for anyone who is away from home. Our family likes to offer a hospitable place for anybody on the go, for those in transit, in the broadest sense of the word. We welcome those who are on the way to Santiago, to another stage of life, to a new school year, or to something unknown. Here you can find rest, space and company, and you are welcome to join in as you choose. We are neither an albergue nor a hotel, but we are a family with a lot of space.

As a family of 7, our house is a lively home. Outside there is also a lot to do. We have animals and a lovely garden. The sheep take care of the grass, the chickens provide eggs and the rest of the animals keep us company. In the garden you will find different spots to sit or hang around, as well as a complete outdoor kitchen. The kitchen is mainly used by the people in the safari tents. We have 2 of them. Both are equipped with real beds and other furniture. Camping, with a little extra luxury, is available for 4-6 persons.

Casa Familia also has space for your own camping equipment, so feel free to bring your own tent, caravan or campervan. For people who are not into camping, we have a beautiful guestroom available inside our house.

Everyone who is in transit can find a place here. We welcome travellers, pilgrims (with dogs, bicycles, horses, donkeys or kids), people in need of rest and campers. Volunteers who want to come and help us and to participate in Casa Familia are also very welcome.

Contact info and address

Casa Familia is close to the Camino de Santiago, in green Galicia, between Palas de Rei and Melide. Our house is on the N-547 (kilometer 43), a stone’s throw away from the hamlets O Coto and Leboreiro.

Casa Familia
N-547 km. 43  no.27
15809 O Coto/Leboreiro Melide
A Coruña

+34 605120522


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