Who We Are?

About us
We are a Dutch family. Our family consists of 7 persons. The founders of this all are Jos and Heidi. We know each other since 2001, married each other in 2003 and started our adventure together. In 2005 the two of us left for Surinam, where we have worked in a foster home. We returned to the Netherlands as three, because in the meantime we had received our first child. In the following
years we lived in the centre of the Netherlands and there some other children have been added to the family.
We are blessed with our 2 sons and 3 daughters. By them we have learned a lot. They help us view the world through their eyes and they show us what it means to trust as a child. In the course of time different themes entered our scene. Gardening, being a family, homeschooling, minimalism, re-use, DIY, living close to nature, being church, living in community with others, and many more. Still this are themes in which we can develop.
Gradually, the desire to be able to give more space to these themes, in a place where we would literally have more space, grew. During a big family campertrip, in which we have met many inspiring people and places, we found on the Camino de Santiago the place where our Casa Familia is now.
Where we are
Casa Familia is a home on a (to our standards) big property. The property borders on the hamlets O Coto and Leboreiro, 5 kilometres from the town of Melide. Melide is situated in Galicia, Spain’s greenest province, all the way in the North-West. We love its beautiful nature; many forests, hills, valleys with rivers. Farms are everywhere and many houses have their own vegetable garden and a fruittree. A very fruitful area, with usually quite a bit of rain to keep nature green. The climate can be compared to the Netherlands, though it’s a bit milder, and when the sun comes through, you will notice that you are a bit closer to the equator. Galicia has a rich Roman history with Celtic influences as well, which is visible in the local fiestas and music.
Casa Familia is situated in between the two major cities of Lugo and Santiago de Compostela. Santiago has an airport, and the Santiago-Lugo bus stops right in front of our house. The national road N547 passes our property and parallel is the Camino de Santiago. Within an hour driving you can reach the sea.
Come meet us
Curious what we have learned today? Do you want to see our latest upcycle project? Can we give you a tour through our graden? Would you like to know what we will eat tonight? Have you ever seen a sheep closeby? Are you excited to get to know the people who are here now? Do you want to contribute to our project? Do you need to escape to your current life for a while and/or can we help you to deal with your struggles? Are you looking for a challenging volunteer job?
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Casa Familia  -  casafamiliacamino@yahoo.com  |  tel./whatsapp +34 60512 0522   |  58 km < Santiago de Compostela